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rpm --help
用法: rpm [选项...]

Query/Verify package selection options:
  -a, --all                          query/verify all packages
  -f, --file                         query/verify package(s) owning file
  -g, --group                        query/verify package(s) in group
  -p, --package                      query/verify a package file
      --pkgid                        query/verify package(s) with package
      --hdrid                        query/verify package(s) with header
      --triggeredby                  query the package(s) triggered by the
      --whatrequires                 query/verify the package(s) which require
                                     a dependency
      --whatprovides                 query/verify the package(s) which provide
                                     a dependency
      --whatrecommends               query/verify the package(s) which
                                     recommends a dependency
      --whatsuggests                 query/verify the package(s) which
                                     suggests a dependency
      --whatsupplements              query/verify the package(s) which
                                     supplements a dependency
      --whatenhances                 query/verify the package(s) which
                                     enhances a dependency
      --nomanifest                   do not process non-package files as

Query options (with -q or --query):
  -c, --configfiles                  list all configuration files
  -d, --docfiles                     list all documentation files
  -L, --licensefiles                 list all license files
  -A, --artifactfiles                list all artifact files
      --dump                         dump basic file information
  -l, --list                         list files in package
      --queryformat=QUERYFORMAT      use the following query format
  -s, --state                        display the states of the listed files

Verify options (with -V or --verify):
      --nofiledigest                 don't verify digest of files
      --nofiles                      don't verify files in package
      --nodeps                       don't verify package dependencies
      --noscript                     don't execute verify script(s)

Install/Upgrade/Erase options:
      --allfiles                     install all files, even configurations
                                     which might otherwise be skipped
      --allmatches                   remove all packages which match <package>
                                     (normally an error is generated if
                                     <package> specified multiple packages)
      --badreloc                     relocate files in non-relocatable package
  -e, --erase=<package>+             erase (uninstall) package
      --excludedocs                  do not install documentation
      --excludepath=<path>           skip files with leading component <path> 
      --force                        short hand for --replacepkgs
      --force-debian                 force installation of rpm on Debian system
  -F, --freshen=<packagefile>+       upgrade package(s) if already installed
  -h, --hash                         print hash marks as package installs
                                     (good with -v)
      --ignorearch                   don't verify package architecture
      --ignoreos                     don't verify package operating system
      --ignoresize                   don't check disk space before installing
  -i, --install                      install package(s)
      --justdb                       update the database, but do not modify
                                     the filesystem
      --nodeps                       do not verify package dependencies
      --nofiledigest                 don't verify digest of files
      --nocontexts                   don't install file security contexts
      --nocaps                       don't install file capabilities
      --noorder                      do not reorder package installation to
                                     satisfy dependencies
      --noscripts                    do not execute package scriptlet(s)
      --notriggers                   do not execute any scriptlet(s) triggered
                                     by this package
      --oldpackage                   upgrade to an old version of the package
                                     (--force on upgrades does this
      --percent                      print percentages as package installs
      --prefix=<dir>                 relocate the package to <dir>, if
      --relocate=<old>=<new>         relocate files from path <old> to <new>
      --replacefiles                 ignore file conflicts between packages
      --replacepkgs                  reinstall if the package is already
      --test                         don't install, but tell if it would work
                                     or not
  -U, --upgrade=<packagefile>+       upgrade package(s)
      --reinstall=<packagefile>+     reinstall package(s)

Common options for all rpm modes and executables:
  -D, --define='MACRO EXPR'          define MACRO with value EXPR
      --undefine=MACRO               undefine MACRO
  -E, --eval='EXPR'                  print macro expansion of EXPR
      --target=CPU-VENDOR-OS         Specify target platform
      --macros=<FILE:...>            read <FILE:...> instead of default file(s)
      --noplugins                    don't enable any plugins
      --nodigest                     don't verify package digest(s)
      --nosignature                  don't verify package signature(s)
      --rcfile=<FILE:...>            read <FILE:...> instead of default file(s)
  -r, --root=ROOT                    use ROOT as top level directory (default:
      --dbpath=DIRECTORY             use database in DIRECTORY
      --querytags                    display known query tags
      --showrc                       display final rpmrc and macro
      --quiet                        provide less detailed output
  -v, --verbose                      provide more detailed output
      --version                      print the version of rpm being used

Options implemented via popt alias/exec:
      --scripts                      list install/erase scriptlets from
      --setperms                     set permissions of files in a package
      --setugids                     set user/group ownership of files in a
      --conflicts                    list capabilities this package conflicts
      --obsoletes                    list other packages removed by installing
                                     this package
      --provides                     list capabilities that this package
      --requires                     list capabilities required by package(s)
      --recommends                   list capabilities recommended by
      --suggests                     list capabilities suggested by package(s)
      --supplements                  list capabilities supplemented by
      --enhances                     list capabilities enhanced by package(s)
      --info                         list descriptive information from
      --changelog                    list change logs for this package
      --changes                      list changes for this package with full
                                     time stamps
      --xml                          list metadata in xml
      --triggers                     list trigger scriptlets from package(s)
      --filetriggers                 list filetrigger scriptlets from
      --last                         list package(s) by install time, most
                                     recent first
      --dupes                        list duplicated packages
      --filesbypkg                   list all files from each package
      --fileclass                    list file names with their classes
      --filecolor                    list file names with their colors
      --fileprovide                  list file names with their provides
      --filerequire                  list file names with requires
      --filecaps                     list file names with their POSIX1.e

  -?, --help                         显示这个帮助信息
      --usage                        显示简短的使用说明




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